Composer & Songwriter

As a composer, Jay has written music scores and songs for many TV series, TV Movies of the Week, and films, including New World Television’s “Zorro” NBC’s “Fame” and the NBC Movie Of The Week “Fugitive Nights”. He has written songs that have been recorded by Julio Iglesias, Whitney Houston, and Donna Summer, among others. He has also produced and arranged CDs for the Israeli based duo Merkava.

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“I am considerably impressed. Your music is certainly as good as advertised. You’ve got a broad vocabulary and there are some wonderful melodies as well as the contemporary electronic work.”


» Dean Hargrove, Sony Pictures Television International


Scoring with Logic Pro

Apple’s Logic Pro is one of today’s most popular digital audio workstations (DAW). Perhaps the most professional DAW on the market for composers, Logic can be used to compose anything from a symphony to a television jingle and includes complete tools for scoring, recording, and processing music and audio. Despite Logic’s popularity as a composition tool, its Score Editor can be one of the application’s most challenging features to master. Scoring with Logic Pro offers concise and easy-to-follow tutorials to guide the reader in inputting, formatting, and printing music notation using Logic Pro’s Score Editor. Whether you’re a beginner or a long-time Logic Pro user just getting into composition, you’ll be scoring like the pros in no time.