Twitter and Instagram

Ok, I am the technology guy, right? And yet I created a Twitter account a long time ago and have many followers, but I don’t tweet. Now I just created an Instagram account and have no idea what the hell …

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My first trailer for Lionsgate

This is for a Spanish language film named “Oscura Seduccion” that has unfortunately been shelved for budgetary reaons. They were pleased with my work however and  it was great  fun to  do.

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Work, work,work :)

I have some interesting work coming up. I am in the process of scoring my first trailer for Lionsgate and soon a documentary by for Christopher Alport about the Aids crisis in South Africa, Also possibly some orchestration/MIDI mockup for …

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To Tweet Or Not To Tweet

That is the question.

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Welcome to my new website, beautifully designed by Chris Alexander. Thank you, Chris!

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